The Distillation Process
The Natural Distillation Process
Distillation has been an essential part of nature since the earth began. The heat of the sun evaporates water from the earth's surface into the atmosphere, leaving impurities behind. As the vapor cools, it condenses and falls back to earth as rain, snow or other forms of precipitation.
The Hydrological Cycle

The mechanical process of distillation follows an identical pattern to nature's hydrological cycle. Distillers boil the feed water in a chamber, creating steam. As the vapor rises, it passes through cooling coils and is collected in a storage tank as pure distilled water. Contaminants are left behind in the boiling tank. Gases that vaporize at temperatures lower than the boiling point of water are released through 'volatile gas release vents'. Quality distillation systems are also equipped with activated coconut charcoal 'post filters' which need to be changed routinely to ensure the purest water.

The Polar Bear Distillation Process

When your fully automatic Distiller is installed in your furnace or utility room, tapped into the main water line (1) and, Plugged into the normal household current, your Distiller will automatically draw water into the boiling chamber (2), A regulated start / stop float system (3) extends the life of the heating element (4). When the water boils, steam rises, leaving contaminants behind. The vapor then goes into an exclusive double-baffle system (5) and any volatile gases are released through a special built-in vent (6). After the steam passes through a fan-cooled condensing coil (7), the Distilled Water runs through a coconut charcoal filter (8), and finally into the holding tank (9).

The automatic pump shut-off control (10) protects the pump from burning out should the holding tank ever run out of water. Polar Bear Water Distiller boiling tanks are designed with a "V" shaped bottom (11) and are engineered from a very high quality stainless steel (12). Other exclusive innovations include an energy-saving system (13) which allows one-third of the Distilled Water in the holding tank to be drawn out before the unit starts up. This is more energy-efficient than running the distiller for small amounts of water and results in 25% lower operating costs! A built-in safety system (14) automatically shuts off the distiller should it overheat. Other extras include lighted switches (15), Distilled Water level sight gauge (16), convenient holding tank tap (17) and casters (26D-8 only) (18) for easy moving. The holding tank has a unique .2 micron air filtered system. As water is drawn from the Distilled Water, holding tank air is allowed to enter back into the tank through the filter (19). Filtered air and oxygen dissolved into the water assure that the bacteria-safe Distilled Water maintains its purity. This is also one of the reasons why Polar Bear Distilled Water is so fresh tasting.