Residential Distilling Systems
MODEL 26-M (Manual) / RWD-1
1-2 People Distilling Capacity 1 US gal. (3.8 L) / 3 hrs. Holding Tank Capacity (Optional) 2.75 US gal. (10.5 L) Unit ships with 4.02 oz (125g) jar of charcoal and 8.84 (275g) jar of descaler.
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Standard Features
All Polar Bear Water Distillers are constructed of high grade polished stainless steel. Built to last a life time, there is a ten-year warranty on stainless steel components.
Low density incaloy sheathed heating element: Lasts longer due to extra length of elements which dissipates the heat over a larger surface. The incaloy sheath protects against corrosive chemicals in the water.
Charcoal Filter: After the steam is condensed by fan cooling, the distilled water produced then passes through a granulated coconut charcoal filter. This aerates the water, giving it a "fresh" taste and traps any volatile gases that may have escaped in the distilling process. Polar Bear distillers have a refillable stainless steel filter canister between the distiller and the holding tank.
Standard automatic start/stop float system prevents the boiling task from boiling dry and extends the life of the heating element.
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