Water Bottle Dispensers
Glacier POU Water Cooler / GLE-D2
Glacier POU Water Cooler Facts:
Available in hot & cold and cook & cold
Hot water tank dispenses thirty 6oz. cups per hour
Durable polyethylene cabinet comes with UV protection to prevent fading
Child resistant handle is standard on the hot & cold model
Dishwasher safe drip tray
Adjustable cold water thermostat
Optional bottle cover
Cooler Specifications & Performance Data
Power Rating    Single Phase
   (220V - 240V 50Hz)
   (100V - 115V 60Hz)
Standard Current    H&C: 6.2A,  C&C: 1.2A
Cold    80W
Hot    450W
Cold Compressor    Single Phase Motor
Refrigerant    R-134a
Capacity    2.5L
Hot Heater    Band Heater
Temp Control    Bimetal 84°C-92°C (183.2°F - 197.6°F)
Capacity    4.5L
Colors Available    White
Refrigerant Charge    30g
Net Weight    H&C: 13.6kg (29.8 lbs), C&C: 12.6kg (27.8 lbs)
Dimensions    11.8 " (W) X 12.9" (D) X 36.9" (H)
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