Commeercial Distilling Systems
The 200-L is our industrial-class distiller; with many unique and powerful features, this machine can meet any demand. One unique innovation allows a number of 200-L units to be linked together, allowing your distilled water requirements to grow without "outgrowing" your equipment.
How It Works
Manufactured from high grade stainless steel, your model 200-L is built to last a lifetime. The process begins as raw water is fed into the Distiller. This water flows into a pre-heating tube. By utilizing the heat source of the boiling chamber, this water is pre-heated to a near boiling point before entering into the boiling chamber where it is brought to its final required boiling temperature. This makes the distilling process more energy efficient. After the water reaches its boiling point within the boiling chamber, steam rises making its way to the top of the Distiller. This ongoing and uninterrupted distilling cycle allows more water to be produced in a shorter period of time. Because the steam rises up through the two-foot steam tower, you can be assured that only the purest steam rising to the top enters into the cooling coils. After this steam enters into these coils it is cooled by a fan which condenses the steam into pure water.

Distilling Capacity: 50 US gal. (190 L) / 24 hrs. Holding Tank Capacity 80 US gal. (300 L).
Size: 89" (226 cm) high X 25.5" (66 cm) wide X 22" (56 cm) deep
Shipping Weight: 105 lbs. (47 kg)
Electrical: 208 Volts, 24 AMPS, 5000 Watts
220 Volts, 24 AMPS, 5000 Watts
240 Volts, 24 AMPS, 5000 Watts

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Standard Features
All Polar Bear Water Distillers are constructed of high grade polished stainless steel. Built to last a life time, there is a ten-year warranty on stainless steel components.
Low density incaloy sheathed heating element: Lasts longer due to extra length of elements which dissipates the heat over a larger surface. The incaloy sheath protects against corrosive chemicals in the water.
Charcoal Filter: After the steam is condensed by fan cooling, the distilled water produced then passes through a granulated coconut charcoal filter. This aerates the water, giving it a "fresh" taste and traps any volatile gases that may have escaped in the distilling process. Polar Bear distillers have a refillable stainless steel filter canister between the distiller and the holding tank.
Standard automatic start/stop float system prevents the boiling task from boiling dry and extends the life of the heating element.
Optional Features
Pump Water To A Convenient Location: A pump option can be easily attached to the holding tank. This independent pressure system allows the delivery of pure water, on demand, to several locations in the home. A typical installation is to a separate faucet, the refrigerator ice and water dispenser, and the humidifier, or any other appliances that can benefit from pure water. A built in safety feature protects the pump should water no longer be available in the tank for distribution.
To Make Your Machine Practically Maintenance Free: Electronic auto drain option - Automatically drains the impurities from the boiling tank every 24 hours of distillation. Should the feed water quality be very poor, the electronic circuit board may be easily customized to 12, 6 or 3 hour draining cycles.
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