Fluoridation and Chlorination
There is no conclusive proof that fluoridation of our water has any beneficial result. There are, however, several reliable studies which show that adding fluoride to our water causes fluorosis (mottling of tooth enamel), mongolism in infants, kidney damage, irreversible damage to the bones and other harmful effects to the body by its direct effect and by its interference with enzyme, mineral and vitamin functions within the system. Several governments in Europe ( Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Russia, Italy) have, after careful research, prohibited fluoridation by law.
"When chronic or continual exposure occurs or when new substances are encountered that the system cannot detoxify, adverse reactions can manifest. Chronic effects are muted, often invisible, and not immediately experienced. They can result in cancer that may be latent for 10 to 30 years. Cumulative toxins are substances taken in sublethal doses that eventually are stored at lethal levels. Inadequate treatment is the main cause of contaminated drinking water."
excerpt from Encyclopedia of Common Disease
Instead of stiffening regulations to combat the rising levels of pollutants in our rivers, municipalities add higher levels of chlorine to make it "fit" to drink. Over 70% of public water supplies in the U. S. no longer meet the Public Health Department standards. River water is becoming increasingly contaminated, and to keep it at a "safe drinking level", the amount of chlorine being used in our city water supplies is increasing. A recent research study made by the Columbia University School of Public Health found that people who drink chlorinated water run a 44% greater risk of dying from cancer of the gastro-intestinal or urinary tract than those who drink unchlorinated water. In addition to cancer, chlorinated water has also been linked to high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and anemia.