Stratus Water

Most people don't drink enough water, yet most nutritionists agree that six to eight glasses of fresh, uncontaminated water a day is essential for the body's well being and the prevention of disease. Good water is the most important substance we consume as it controls our body temperature, transports nutritive elements from the foods we eat to our cells, and carries away the toxic waste products for elimination.

Stratus Water's complete water purification system provides you with the purest water available, free from chemicals, impurities, and pollutants. Our systems are used in a variety of applications: office, pharmaceutical, medical, dental, industrial and residential.

Enjoy crisp, delicious, premium water and the additional benefits of increasing bottom line profits, eliminating the risk of running out of water and no more lifting heavy water bottles.

By providing the best home/office, industrial and commercial water distillers available, we contribute to your health. Of course, we also offer everything to go along with them, like distilling supplies, 5-gallon water cooler dispensers, pure distilling water and so on. Steam distillation is the method of purification being used in all of our distillers, including our home/office water distillers. Our water distillers represent the best water distillation equipment available. Home distillation has produced distilled water as the absolute best method of water purification for almost as long as people have known how to boil water. The result: truly pure water... free from contaminants, free from microorganisms.